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Interview Recap - Conrad Brooks

Posted in Interview Recaps by Neal at 02:13, Mar 11 2007

By "Knightrider"

Conrad Brooks Interview Recap on Without Your Head Horror Radio.

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This Past Thursday Night The gang from WYH had legendary Horror Star Conrad Brooks from such films as Glen or Glenda, Beast of Yucca Flats, and the Ed Wood movies.

Neal Welcomes Conrad to show and says he would go over all of his movies but there are too many to go over, and Conrad responds by saying that means he's been around, were coast to coast and he loves it, Neal then says people already know you from the movies Plan 9 from Outer Space, Glen or Glenda, and the Sinister Urge, to which Conrad responds by saying there was a big fight scene in that movie.

Neal then asks Conrad if he’s surprised that those movies are so fondly remember these days, Conrad says that its about time.

Neal then asks if he thinks VHS tapes and DVD’s help people discover them, Conrad says its alright, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, he says he can look back and go wow its been 50 years ago,60 years ago.

Neal then asks if he was originally friend with Ed Wood before the movies, Conrad says he met Ed back in 1948, that they met up in Hollywood, and that they were really good friends, and they lost contact with each other around 1949.

Neal then asks conrad when he went out their if he wanted to be an actor, Conrad said no, he just wanted to see the world, to join the navy, just wanted to stay there for a couple of weeks, instead they stayed a little bit longer. They had no intentions of staying.

Neal asks if Glen or Glenda was his first film, Conrad says it wasn't, he tried out and made it, he wanted to do it because everybody he knew was in movies.

Neal asks if it was a fun place to be on the set of his films, Conrad says it was an experience, it was exciting, you got to see a lot of Celebrities.

John asks if he's seen Tim Burtons film, and Conrad says he's was the Bartender in the movie.

Neal asks if his current film, Jan-gel, was the inspiration for Tor Johnson, Conrad said it was.

A Fan from the Chat room asks if he's going to be in the documentary about Vampira, conrad says no, he didn’t even know about it.

A fan asks if if the Amazing Criswell gave Conrad any predictions, Conrad said he did but he'd probably have to pay him.

John Asks if Ed Wood was still with us today, what actors would he work with, Conrad says himself of course.

A fan asks if he remember working with Coleman Francis, Conrad said he barely knew him.

In his closing moments Neal thanks Conrad for coming on and hopes he will come back in the near future.


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