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Brian Steele of Hellboy & Predators

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 05:24, Jul 16 2010


"The Creatureboy" Brian Steele. Topics included:
- Wearing the Predator suit
- Thoughts on the Predators and the cast
- Practical Effects vs CGI
- Derek Mears
- Universal horror monsters including Frankenstein, The Mummy and The Creature From the Black Lagoon
- Choreography of the sword fight scene
- 2 legged vs 4 legged monsters
- Hellboy films
- Kevin Peter Hall
- Ben Chapman
- the on again off again Creature from the Black Lagoon remake
- Tons more !!

Brian Steele Download

Check out http://www.creatureboy.com/

In the post show we were joined by Andre V for the return of the Newscreep. Topcis included:
- Bag of Bones
- True Blood
- IP Man
- Prequels to Alien
- The Walking Dead
- Machete
- Mel Gibson madness
- Superman and Spiderman reboots
- Plants vs Zombies
- Tons more so check it out !!

Also check out the new Podcast page for the MP3 version !!


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