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Rest Stop: Don't Look Back on DVD & Blu-ray September 30

Posted in Movie Reviews by Neal at 07:32, Sep 17 2008

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"Like a guided tour of David Lynch's nightmares shot through Rob Zombie's eyes."

- Paul Nomad,

The Rest Stop Killer Strikes Again and

This Time He’s After a New Batch of Weary Travelers


A Bloodier and More Gruesome Sequel to

the First Feature Under The “Raw Feed” Production Banner

Directed by Shawn Papazian, Written by John Shiban and

Starring Richard Tillman, Jessie Ward, Graham Norris, Brionne Davis and Steve Railsback


BURBANK, CALIF. (August 12, 200 – Just in time for the Halloween season, the “Winnebago Family” and the “Yellow Truck” return for more havoc and horror when Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back debuts uncut on DVD and Blu-ray™ High-Def October 7 from Warner Home Video (WHV) and will be available for $24.98 SRP.

Written and produced by John Shiban (Rest Stop, executive producer and writer of “Supernatural” and “The X-Files”) and directed by Shawn Papazian (Horror High), Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back is WHV’s fifth acquired title from the successful “Raw Feed” film franchise, and the sequel to the franchise's first film, Rest Stop. Even bloodier and more gruesome than the original, Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back stars Richard Tillman (Over Her Dead Body), Jessie Ward (“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”), Graham Norris (The Jane Austen Book Club, The Black Dahlia), Brionne Davis (“Pandemic”) and Golden Globe® nominee Steve Railsback (“Helter Skelter”). Tony Krantz (OTIS, Mulholland Drive, Sublime, “24”) and Daniel Myrick (Believers, The Blair Witch Project) are also producers.

“Rest Stop was a simple story that took something commonplace and made it a truly terrifying experience,” said writer/producer John Shiban. “With Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back, we’ve heightened the situations and the terror factor to take the whole experience to another level of horror.”

“The first Rest Stop was a winning launch for the ‘Raw Feed’ brand and very lucrative for Warner Home Video,” said Jeff Baker, WHV Executive VP and General Manager for Theatrical Catalog. “The sequel, by upping the horror factor and completing the mythology established in the first film, should prove even more successful with fans of the genre.”


No rest for the wicked! One year ago, the mysterious Rest Stop killer drilled, ripped and splattered young road trippers Jesse and Nicole. Now three more unsuspecting travelers come looking for the missing duo. And that means the killer gets to sharpen his horrific torture skills all over again – only bloodier and scarier than before. He’s not alone, either. The Winnebago full of creepy living corpses is also back, roaming the old highway. And Jesse and Nicole’s brutalized ghosts seek revenge, determined to give as gory as they got. Watch if you dare. But whatever you do, Don’t Look Back!

Special Features

Commentary by Writer/Producer John Shiban and Director Shawn Papazian
Doomed to Repeat: The Mythology of Rest Stop - An in depth featurette detailing how the second movie storyline expands on the mythology established in the first. Includes interviews with cast and crew. RT 13:00
Alternate Ending – Contains an alternate fate for our main protagonist Tom. RT 2:00
Deleted Scenes:
“Buddy” - An additional scene from Tom’s coming home party. RT 2:00
“Meet the Family” - We are introduced to the Winnebago family and see them pick up “The Driver.” RT 4:00
“Dinner with the Family” – The Winnebago family tortures Jared. RT 5:00
Additional Scene – “The Owner’s Demise” - Shows the family encountering the gas station owner and punishing him. RT 8:00

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