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Roo’s Reviews: Cocaine Cougar

Posted in Movie Reviews by Neal at 20:04, Jun 19 2023

Roo’s Reviews #44
Cocaine Cougar

How y’all doin out there across the Internets,Space Pardners ?

This week we dive into a trip back in time to old school Sci Fi channel feels and chills.
I enjoyed every second as I watched the mayhem unfold. It literally is hot hot hot!

If you took Psycho Ape, Aligator , and Jasongoes to Manhattan then you have just half the fun of Cocaine Cougar. It new, it’s hot , go hop on it and check it out!

Animals on drugs will always be cool so rest assured this is a far different animal than Cocaine Bear and Cocaine Shark. I give this on 4/4 stars and a 10. Tune your UHF dials to Tubi and watch it today!!! FYI it has a blink and you miss it sexy cameo of Rocky Demarco!!!

Scores on Drug Fu,Walik in the city Fu, and Miscommunication Fu!!!

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