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Space Goblins

Posted in Movie News by Neal at 01:46, Sep 13 2022


Megacity Media are proud to announce their first original film ‘SPACE GOBLINS’.

SPACE GOBLINS is a Sci-fi / Action / Comedy live-action adaptation of their original animated series.


SPACE GOBLINS is currently deep in pre-production. Initial filming is set to take place in the second half of 2023, both in the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. SPACE GOBLINS is set to finish production ‘when it’s done’.

SPACE GOBLINS will be directed by series co-creator Ams
Overton, and stars RICHARD BLENKIRON (Guardians of the Galaxy, Creeped Out). MegaCity Media are setting their sights extremely high, and promise that the film will be a special effects extravaganza.

Not much more information is currently available, however, Without Your Head will have the first scoop when it’s finally time to show off what MegaCity Media have been working so hard on behind the scenes! For the meantime, watch this space (goblins)!

For more information on MegaCity Media and Space Goblins, Please visit their website

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