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The Hold-Up: Runaway

Posted in The Hold-Up by Neal at 03:35, Jun 20 2022

Runaway - Part 1 (with Jeremy Herbert)

This week, Jeremy Herbert and I are going to the past's future with Runaway (1984), starring Tom Selleck and his least-whimsical haircut of the 20th century.

If you're listening to this the day it comes out, please go check out Worst Laid Plans, a feature-length anthology film of vacation-themed horror movies. WLP is already shot, but they could use a little help with finishing funds. Their Indiegogo campaign runs for two more weeks. You can help out and snag your preorder at indiegogo.com

Also, if you're a fan of cyberpunk, satire, media, or just TV, do yourself a huge favor and find forty minutes in your day to watch this deep dive into the history and symbolism of Max Headroom: youtu.be/GsDrXc94NGU

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Runaway - Part 2 (with Jeremy Herbert)

Jeremy Herbert returns for our wrap-up on Runaway (1984), and I call Cynthia Rhodes "Cheryl" literally every single time I say her name. Sorry, Cher-- Cynthia!

The Hold-Up with Stephen Stull: I watch old, beloved movies with friends, and we see if they hold up!

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