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The Hold-Up: Prehysteria 3!

Posted in The Hold-Up by Neal at 03:40, Mar 13 2022

Prehysteria 3! - Part 1 (with Kylie Marklin)

Today I'm chatting with my friend Kylie Marklin about Prehysteria 3! (1995), a movie full of tiny golf and tinier dinosaurs. In addition, I make a hilariously futile attempt to make those years I spent playing adult vampire dress-up sound cool. Enjoy!

Prehysteria! 3 - Part 2 (with Kylie Marklin)

Kylie and I finish our chat about 1995's Prehysteria! 3 and really dive deep into everything it gets wrong about haggis.

The Hold-Up with Stephen Stull: I watch old, beloved movies with friends, and we see if they hold up!

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