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Modern Problems - with Jeremy Herbert

Posted in The Hold-Up by Neal at 03:55, Apr 12 2021

I’m joined by scholar of comedy and SNL historian Jeremy Herbert to discuss the Chevy Chase starring vehicle Modern Problems (1981) as well as the contrasting career arcs of Chase and rival John Belushi.

Part 1

Jeremy Herbert returns to finish up our revisitation of Modern Problems (1981), a zany comedy about a man who uses his newfound godlike powers to cause his ex-girlfriend’s date to hemorrhage blood from his face. Such hijinks!

Part 2

Oh, and if you’re interested in the deep dive into Poppy that I mention, you can find it here: (and thanks to past guest Kat Whitacre for pointing me at that video).

Right now (assuming you listen to these on time), Jeremy and some other very talented filmmakers are raising money for a feature-length anthology of vacation-themed horror movies called Worst Laid Plans. You can get all the details and pitch in here.

The Hold-Up with Stephen Stull: I watch old, beloved movies with friends, and we see if they hold up!

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