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Curious Transmissions - Josh Deleon

Posted in Curious Transmissions by Neal at 00:47, Sep 19 2020

Curious Transmissions
Episode 011 Part 1
Guest: Josh Deleon (Filmmaker/Musician)
Date: August 23, 2020

Part One: STUF-O-RAMA Episode
Hosts Mari & Rob and the Curious Transmission Panel (Eddie, Mario, Cary) speak with Josh Deleon Filmmaker/Musician about the Shudder Channel presentation of La Llorona from director Jayro Bustamante.

Film: La Llorona

Show Theme: "Stranger in a Dream"
Artist: Jessy Jamz
To hear more from Jessy Jamz: soundcloud.com/jessyjamz

Curious Transmissions
Hosted by Mari & Rob
A podcast about things that we are all curious about: ghost stories, folklore, history, curiosities, and culture with a twist of film and TV.

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