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Harley Wallen, Yan Birch and Victoria De Mare

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 18:38, Feb 06 2020

Harley Wallen and Yan Birch (The People Under The Stairs) joined us to talk about their new film "Agramon's Gate"!
Scream queen, action figure, musician and all around talented Victoria De Mare returns to talk the upcoming "Hanukkah"!

Harley Wallen and Yan Birch opened the show!
- new film "Agramon's Gate" premiering this Friday and on VOD the 11th!
- their working history
- horror films
- Sweden
- mediums and spirits
- playing a demon
- makeup and FX
- upcoming projects and more!

Victoria De Mare returned for a 3rd time!
- her new film "Hanukkah" coming in March
- watching the premiere in December
- Eben McGarr & Chris Ott
- Joe Knetter
- memories of Sid Haig
- Sadie Katz
- living in LA for 20 years
- being in a Steven Seagal movie "Beyond The Law"
- her music and so much more!
Preorder "Hanukkah" now!

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