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Watching Movies - 100 Acres of Hell

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 22:52, Sep 19 2019

Review of "100 Acres of Hell” by The Headless Critic

100 Acres of Hell – 2019

Production by: 100 Acres of Hell Productions, Screenshot Entertainment, Jersey Light Productions
Distribution by: Indican Pictures

At the height of his career Buck Severs (Gene Snisky) body slammed The Warrior in a steel cage match at Mania 27 and at Mania 23 he lassoed Buffalo Bob with his own lasso. Now he’s turning to the bottle to forget the man he once was. The former professional wrestling champion is sidelined with a career ending injury while also dealing with a family tragedy that’s sent him to a low point in his life with the magic gone from his eyes.

His friend Trent (Jeff Swanton) calls Buck for a return of their Bro’s Weekend with their friends Morgan (Ernest O’Donnell) and Bo (Jim Roof). This year it's hiking, camping and hunting in an abandoned wildlife preserve at the ass end of Pennsylvania. The locals warn them not to go into that part of the woods. Foggy Creek belongs to Jeb Tucker (Sam & Lance Anoa’i), if you enter his part of the woods he will kill you. Buck Severs must find the warrior within himself to save his friends against his toughest opponent yet, a psycho, inbred, mutant killer that stalks these woods. There's no ring, no referee to stop the action and no time limit draws. This match isn't a battle for a belt, it’s a fight of life or death.

With the Friday the 13th franchise in such legal shambles Lebron James might not even be able to save it, first time feature director Hank Leigh Hump makes the most befitting sequel to the Friday the 13th franchise I’ve seen since the 1980’s. This is how you score a slasher film. Old Merl (Robert Waldron) is the closet character to Friday’s Crazy Ralph (Walt Gorney) I’ve seen and what campy horror has been missing.

Written by and also starring Gene Snisky, Jason L. Koener and Ed McKeever 100 Acres of Hell is no Ernest Goes to Camp but it’s also no Hemingway. It is a throwback slasher with fun practical kills and a fantastic final battle between professional wrestlers Gene Snisky and Sam Anoa’i reminiscent of Roddy Piper in They Live. Horror icon Eileen Dietz has a nice role in the film with future horror icon Catherine Corcoran taking a leading role and Genoveva Rossi making the cover. If my comparisons to horror classics isn’t hint enough, this is a low budget independent horror film that slasher fans and professional wrestling fans alike shouldn’t miss.

Available October 8th in Select Theaters
Available October 15th on DVD & VOD

3 out of 5 Headless Critics

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