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Connar Frazier, Dylan Mars Greenberg and Gene Snisky!

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 06:48, Sep 19 2019

Connar Frazier director of the Nathan Forrest Winters documentary The Boy! Dylan Mars Greenberg of the upcoming Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm from TROMA! WWE superstar now horror actor Gene Snisky of 100 ACRES OF HELL!

Connor Frazier opened the show!
- the finished documentary "The Boy" coming October 31st
- bonding with Nathan Forrest Winters while making the film
- is this a "movie"?
- "Jeepers Creepers 3" coming from fathom Events
- Brian McHugh from "Clownhouse" saying he was filmed naked by Victor Salva
- for more information visit facebook.com/NathanWintersFilm

Dylan Mars Greenberg joined us next!
- the upcoming "Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm"
- working for Troma
- Lloyd Kaufman
- the political/social messages in Troma movies
- New York shit vs Albanian shit
- "The Tempest"
- Kansas Bowling
- directing his own movies
- the upcoming "Spirit Riser" and more!

Gene Snisky closed the show!
- "100 Acres of Hell"
- toe fetish in wrestling based on reality ?
- Victor Miller
- 80s slashers
- "Friday the 13th"
- epic battle by around fire
- so much more please check out "100 Acres of Hell" when available!

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