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Watching Movies - Widow's Point

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 17:27, Sep 08 2019

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

Review of "Widow’s Point" by The Headless Critic

Widow’s Point – 2019

Production by: Kwakutl Films

Author Thomas Livingston (Craig Sheffer) hasn’t even completed his next book but he has staged a publicity stunt to promote it. To gain attention for his forthcoming novel Thomas is spending the weekend locked away by himself in one of the fifty most haunted locations in the U.S. For one hundred years the Widow’s Point Lighthouse has been off limits, vacant from human existence due to the numerous deaths that have happened at the there. It is sixty-nine steps from the base of the lighthouse to the top. It’s sixty-nine steps Thomas Livingston will come to know very well. When the cameras documenting his stay at the supposedly haunted location go black, the crew monitoring him outside are left to listen to the madness inside in a very real life audio horror novella.

“Where is the sun?” This weekend an author is going to wake all the spirits that have long been at rest at Widow’s Point Lighthouse. A nice story of a haunted lighthouse based on the novella of the same title by Billy and Richard Chizmar is adapted to film by fellow horror author and director Greg Lamberson. With 90’s heartthrob Craig Sheffer in the lead role Lamberson casts friends and family of the Buffalo filmmaking community he’s helped create in supporting roles of this low budget feature.

Special effects on a budget make the majority of the film feel like a lifetime movie of the week but one of the most pleasant surprises of the film is Lamberson’s own daughter Kaelin who proves herself a nice little actress through narration and a set of horror lungs. Craig Sheffer’s performance proves the actor still has it in a slow descent into madness. The final act when he loses his sanity is so eccentric I wish it was the entire film. The final reveal of what haunts this lighthouse matches Shaffer performance in its unexpected eccentricities as the Greg Lamberson who made the comical horror of Slime City in 1988 is also finally revealed.

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

2 out of 5 Headless Critics

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