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Watching Movies - They Can't Hear You

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 09:02, Jun 09 2019

of “They Can't Hear You” by The Headless Critic

They Can’t Hear You – 2019

Production by: Primitive Films, Turba Group

Bound to a bed a young woman (PiaGrace Moon) stares upward screaming at the sky. Blood streaks paint the floor as footsteps walk closer. Her visceral pleads for life and release go unheard by anyone who cares. “They can’t hear you, anymore.” Given an ultimatum to escape the confines of her bed she has two minutes before she is killed. Two minutes to beg for her parents to help her, two minutes to plead to her killer to stop, two minutes to look upward at the Skye (Ingrid Torelli), two minutes to die.

They Can’t Hear You is a blood-curdling five minutes. It is vested in the performance of the chilling screams of actress PiaGrace Moon who is effective in her realism as someone who is about to die. Not much is explained in the five minute runtime with the majority of the dialogue being Moon begging for their life. If a young Michael Myers had the mind of a Jigsaw this could be the ending to his origin story. Co-writer and director Luke Creely’s latest short with creative partner Jack Coco makes you feel you just watched something that is wrong. I wanted more than five minutes of this story and it’s always good to be left wanting more.

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