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Watching Movies - Shed of the Dead

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 13:57, May 19 2019

Review of "Shed of the Dead” by The Headless Critic

Shed of the Dead – 2019

Production by: 7DM Studios, Oceanstorm Films, Trigger Films
Distribution by: Indican Pictures

Tucked away in a shed in the middle of beautiful surrounding gardens Trevor (Spencer Brown) spends his time between jobs painting miniature figurines, hiding from his overbearing wife Bobbi (The Official Lauren socha) and not tending to his plot like his neighbors do. His days are spent wasted with his good friend Graham (Ewen Macintosh) and dreaming of the adventures of his heroic imaginary alter-ego Casimir the Destroyer fighting evil. The sign on the front door of his shed says, “Enter and Die”, his neighbors should have listened.

With the other plot owners petitioning to have him kicked out of his only sanctuary from a life he hides from, an accidental death brings the dead back to life. Now he has his garden to himself but serenity isn’t to be had with zombies closing in. A boring bloke is forced to find his balls, survive an insufferable wife, the beauty of her best friend, his neighbors who hate him, the loss of his prized figurine, asthma and an undead apocalypse. It’s “An unlikely hero’s tale of blood, sweat and shears!”

Any movie that has a zombie Michael Berryman in S&M gear, walking around wearing a butt plug has my nomination for horror comedy of the year. Horror’s greatest zombie, Jason Voorhees Kane Hodder gets undead one more time, this time getting dissected and flailing around on the floor in a comedic performance. Just when you think the horror stars have all come out, in walks Bill Moseley like a cowboy badass out of hell, teaching us that lady parts taste like calamari.

Fifteen years after the Simon Pegg, Nick Frost cult classic Shaun of the Dead, writer and director Drew Cullingham and family take Shaun to the shed in a worthy British comedy, zombie successor. Ewen MacIntosh even looks like a 2004 Nick Frost. With a juvenile sense of humor Shed of the Dead is a movie that beats you over the head with your own arm. It’s a lot of horror fun with an appropriate use of horror icons other films should take note of. If you don’t mind crude jokes and a frat boy sense of humor, it’s more fun than eating a bag full of tasty calamari vaginas.

Available May 20th, 2019

3 out of 5 Headless Critics

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