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Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 06:06, Jan 02 2019

Streaming Review of "Cam" by The Headless Critic

Cam – 2018

Production by: Blumhouse Productions, Gunpowder & Sky, Divide & Conquer
Distribution by: Netflix

Cam girl Lola (Madeline Brewer) will do almost anything on camera that you pay her for while you watch. She only has three rules, no public shows, she doesn’t tell the guys in her room paying to watch her that she loves them and she never fakes her orgasms. On the verge of making the top 50 of the Top Girl charts on FreeGirlsLive.com, her online identity is stolen by a doppelganger who looks just like her. With her online life hijacked by a look-a-like whose locked her out of her own account and stole her channel, her personal life begins to fall apart and the police are no help to an erotic webcam performer. Turning to a family that’s just finding out about her secret life online, then the men who pay to view her, Lola finds it’s going to be up to her to get her life back, both personal and professional. In a last ditched effort to figure out who her doppelganger is Lola will go to extremes that may break the FreeLiveGirls.com charts.

Fall deep into the rabbit hole of online cam girls and their struggles to make money and find success. In his first feature film director Daniel Goldhaber takes a story from a first time feature writer Isa Mazzei and makes a chart topper. Cam is original and easily cracks the top 50 horror films of the year. In fact it may even crack many people’s top 10. Madeline Brewer plays is an intriguing flawed girl Lola or Alice that keeps the character relatable when most characters like that would not be. You care about this cam girl. Those who don’t like movies that don’t answer all your questions, this isn’t the room for you. For horror audiences who’ve seen it all and are looking for something new, Cam is an original take that will have you giving all your tokens to help Lola get her life back.

Available Now on Netflix

4 out of 5 Headless Critics

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