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Watching Movies - Blood Rage

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 05:07, Nov 26 2018

Review of "Blood Rage" by Jason Minton

The man so popular “he broke the internet” returns to do it again. Actor, writer, critic, film historian, proud Texan and everyone’s favorite drive-in theater host Joe Bob Briggs is back! He said the last time was the last time and he was hanging up his hat but Thanksgiving is all about reuniting family. Uncle Joe Bob has brought us his favorite Dinners of Death including hosting his all-time favorite movie ever made and “the only Thanksgiving horror movie ever filmed.” Sure he could have just thrown on every Thanksgiving horror movie ever made but where’s the fun in that? So put on your Sunday best, sit down at the family tv and enjoy the carefully crafted, Dinners of Death from The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs.

Blood Rage – 1987

In 1974 a young boy Terry (Keith Hall) slaughtered a teenager (William Fuller) with a hatchet at the Route 35 Drive-In in Jacksonville, Florida. His twin brother Todd (Russell Hall) witnessed the brutal act shocking him into catatonia. The young murderer covered his twin in his victim’s blood placing the murder weapon in his catatonic sibling’s hand.

For the last ten years the wrong brother has been institutionalized while his evil twin Terry (Mark Soper) has been living a normal life, waiting... After a decade of working with a therapist Todd (Mark Soper) is finally remembering the event of what happened. Determined to prove his innocence, Todd escapes his institution on Thanksgiving rejoining his family. His return sets off a killing spree that will reveal the dark secret that’s been hiding in this family for over a decade.

A “lost” 80’s slasher set at Thanksgiving with an evil twin, a hatchet to the face and some incest. What more could you want in a holiday horror movie? Horror movies and holidays go together like machete killers and the woods. Thanksgiving is an under-utilized holiday for horror. In fact barring killer turkey’s both possessed and slashers, John Grissmer and Bruce Rubin’s Blood Rage might have been the best Thanksgiving movie for over a quarter of a century.

Blood Rage has good practical effects that will be fun for any horror fan. The premise of catatonia is ridiculous and the simplicity of an evil twin is a very 1980’s Dallas soap opera storyline. The overall idea of an abused boy going crazy has good fundamentals. The execution is just very over-the-top even for the time period creating a soap opera horror movie. What can I say, some things not even a mother’s love can save and that’s not cranberry sauce.

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2 out of 5 Headless Critics (Joe Bob’s Rating: 2.5 Stars)

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