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Tommy Lee Wallace and Hank Braxtan

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 00:23, Oct 06 2018

Hank Braxtan director of Snake Outta Compton and Tommy Lee Wallace director of Stephen King's IT and Halloween III : Season of the Witch!

Hank Braxtan opened the show:
- Snake Outta Compton name
- music
- his street cred
- is the movie a true story?
- CG and practical effects
- what movie he grew up on
- Mike Mendez
- where you can rent a golden AK
- pro wrestling and more!

Tommy Lee Wallace joined us at 1:30.00
- Halloween III
- history with John Carpenter
- "The Shape"
- poor response to Halloween III at first
- growing fandom over the years
- Tom Atkins
- Dean Cundey
- sequels and remakes
- why he didn't direct Halloween II
- Stephen King's IT
- what is "unfilmable"
- Larry Cohen
- Tim Curry
- the child actors
- the ending of IT
- upcoming work and much more!
* please stay tuned after the interview for "Silver Shamrock" track from the upcoming "Tomb of Nick Cage" album *

Nasty Neal and Troy also went over:
- The House with a Clock in Its Walls review
- The Walking Dead comic book review
- Netflix and Chills
- Victor Miller wins the lawsuit over Friday the 13th
- AMC’s FearFest 2018
- Eli Roth's History of Horror and more!

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