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Watching Movies - The ToyBox

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 11:54, Sep 15 2018

Review of "The ToyBox" by The Headless Critic

The ToyBox – 2018
Production by: Steel House Productions, ETA Films, Skyline Entertainment, Ron Lee Productions, Millman Productions
Distribution by: Uncork’d Entertainment

Charles (Greg Voland) is fulfilling a promise he made to his recently deceased wife to gather his estranged sons back together as a family. He purchased a used RV on a budget for a family vacation. Sometimes it’s better to pay full price. Road trips are typically a stressful time, it doesn’t help when you’re attempting to reconcile loved ones in a haunted RV. “Vacations can be deadly.”

The horrors of Hollywood have brought us killer herbivores, killer genitalia, a killer rubber tire and now a haunted family RV. From director Tom Nagel, the man who brought you Clowntown comes a slightly bigger clown car. Notorious serial killer Robert Gunthry (David Greathouse) may be dead but he’s not done killing just yet. His spirit lives on in his favorite toybox. It’s time to play.

While other movies like Rubber take a serious comical approach to inanimate object horror, The ToyBox takes itself seriously. Fellow killer car movies like Christine and Maximum Overdrive give the vehicle a mind of its own. The ToyBox combines killer cars with a haunted house removing the haunting from the house and placing it in an RV.

Denise Richards, known for her highly publicized marriage to Charlie Sheen and starring in Wild Things and former child star Mischa Barton who went on to star in The O.C. bring notoriety to this lower budget horror feature. The girls are great, the rest of the family takes the estranged aspect of the script a little too far, not feeling like much of one.

Deaths are a little too Final Destination “accidental” for me. The ghost girl adds too much to a movie that already has a lot going on. The most intriguing character in the film is dead before the movie begins with only glimpses of his past. Instead of a haunted RV story, I would have preferred to hear the tale of Robert Gunthry.

Available September 18th in Select Theaters, on VOD & DVD

2 out of 5 Headless Critics

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