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Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 05:05, Sep 15 2018

Review of "e-DEMON" by The Headless Critic

e-DEMON – 2018
Production by: The e-DEMON Resistance Network
Distribution by: Dark Cuts Entertainment

Hell has been unleashed upon the Earth. The world is not the same. The e-DEMON Resistance Network is the modern day underground opposition. They are the new world’s Anonymous. Phase one of their mission is to expose the Quad Murders recording and get the truth out there about what’s happening in our world since the ruthless e-DEMON was released by a group of hapless friends. “Evil is going viral.”

What we know for sure about the night of the Quad Murders is that four former college friends were all involved in multiple homicides within about an hour of each other. What really stumped investigators is the homicides took place all across the nation thousands of miles apart from Seattle, Washington to Salem, Massachusetts. Until now the internet was abuzz with different theories as to what happened. Witness the first night of demonic possession as it unfolds in a group of friend’s video chat.

e-DEMON unleashes a demonic possession on the world. This demon travels through our technology able to inhabit multiple people at once. All of this unfolds through a group video chat among friends. Experienced short filmmaker Jeremy Wechter pieces together his first feature in webcam form. The concept of a demon jumping through technology is a bit new age. Instead of telling a straight story everything is told from the future looking back on how the world they’ve come to know today got that way.

A futuristic world overran by demons is a bit complex for a movie that is basically another webcam horror film. First person and webcam films are both heavily overdone these days having become their own sub-genre of horror. While the performances here are fine, movies in this sub-genre have a closer microscope on them to be believable that most of these budgeted features can't suspend disbelief for. The layered construct of e-DEMON adds something different to the concept but a technology jumping demon is a little out there to believe in.

Available September 14th on DVD & VOD

2 out of 5 Headless Critics

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