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Watching Movies - Dead Love

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 03:22, Aug 19 2018

Review of "Dead Love" by The Headless Critic

Dead Love – 2018
Production by: CineMount Studios, Wrecking Ball Pictures
Distribution by: Wild Eye Releasing

“There are so many things no one has the answers for. Why we lose the people we love, death, pain, change.” Brandon (Grayson Low) never had to live a day without his mother, until one day she was gone. Having to come to terms with his mother’s suicide, Brandon is left to pick up the pieces of his life and continue on. The mortician’s beautiful assistant Fiona (Nicole Elizabeth Olson) finds a suicide note on Brandon’s Mother’s body (Katharyn Grant) and becomes smitten with the young man through it. “Even tragedy has its happy coincidences.”

A depressed man who dreams of dying with a noose around his neck just like his mother can’t believe such a lively woman with a vibrant smile looks at him the way Fiona does and at the very worst time in his life. Fiona has decided she’s falling in love with Brandon. Will he see her and accept her for who she is before it’s too late? “Everyone has secrets, they just become truth when there’s no one left to keep them.”

Dead Love is the foundation of this film built on the relationship of Fiona and Brandon. Nicole Elizabeth Olson perfectly plays a layered character that is an innocent love interest, a sensual woman, at times a child and at times something far more sinister. Grayson Low’s Brandon is morose and lost and in the weirdest of circumstances they find each other. If nothing was dubbed, the voices on both of these actors are extraordinary. Low even sings a song for the living that I wouldn’t mind having in my playlist.

Grief consumes the body and the body consumes eternal life in the latest feature from co-directors Colin Floom and Greg Nemer. On the surface this is a dramatic love story but the foundation of this story from co-writers Elias Harger and Chad Israel is far darker. There’s always something more going on in this funeral home than a simple matter of the heart while dealing with death. It’s not until the final act is everything revealed. “Do you love me?”

Available on VOD August 21st 2018

3 out of 5 Headless Critics

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