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Watching Movies - A.I. Tales

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 03:11, Jul 30 2018

Review of "A.I. Tales" by The Headless Critic

Watching Movies – Without Your Head

A.I. Tales – 2018

Distribution by: Hewes Pictures

There are so many short films out there that don’t have a proper platform to find an audience. A.I. Tales brings us an anthology of four of the best sci-fi short films you haven’t seen from the last four years.

Seed - 2016
Production by: 3:33 Films

Today is Nathan’s (Nelson Lee) last birthday. The future is now and it’s overcrowded. Years ago China tried to control their population by limiting the number of children people could have through forced abortion. The world frowned upon their ways and offered solace to those who fled. China was right. In order to keep the world’s resources from depletion, its citizens are asked to end their own lives on their fortieth birthday.

On Nathan’s death day, an old flame Cat (Pom Klementieff) shows up to say her goodbyes. Nathan begins questioning everything he knows is right. Balance will be maintained one way or another. Be honorable, be brave. One breath and you save everyone you love. One breath and you give them a future. One breath to an end and the continuation of the rest of the population is balanced. One breath and you plant your Seed.

Directed by: Nelson Lee
Written by: Nelson Lee

IN/FINITE - 2017
Production by: On The Plane Productions

Her entire life Jane (Ashlee Mundy) has been pulled towards a greater purpose. Her purpose is realized when she’s accepted to Mars One, a mission of a lifetime. To give up everything to fulfill your purpose in life will not only cost you the loss of your loved ones but you’re also sacrificing their love for you. Being a pioneer to a new world may get your name in history books but at what cost to what you’ve left behind?

Directed by: Kristen Hilkert
Written by: Kristen Hilkert & Ashlee Mundy

Phoenix 9 - 2014
Production by: Double Vision Productions, Region 5, Salamander Productions

If you want to survive, you’re going to have to make some hard decisions. “The signs were everywhere.” “After a century of reckless consumption civilization was about to collapse under its own weight.” “But in the end, those in power chose a different path. The same they always did, war.”

For over a year now a group of survivors of the nuclear holocaust have been heading to a colony they heard about out west. At each other’s throats and with death knocking at the door the survivors stumble upon an oasis of the apocalypse. But how much longer can they survive until humanity is restored?

Directed by: Amir Reichart
Written by: Peer Gopfrich

Redux - 2015
Production by: Prime Values

Escaped to his basement laboratory, his wife dead on the floor above him. The killers are closing in and this scientist has just one opportunity to send a message through to the past and prevent these horrid events from happening. Just one chance to change the future, just one chance to save his world.

Directed by: Vitaly Verlov
Written by: Vitaly Verlov

Each film looks excellent. Acting to CGI is almost flawless and done so on a budget. Ultimately like with many shorts, conclusions are left open ended in each one of these mini-films, sometimes frustratingly so. A common audio theme wasn’t enough for these A.I. Tales to connect to each other and could have used a wraparound story to complete the anthology feel. You can see the inspiration behind each one of the tales which all deserved this bigger scale to find their audience.

Available Now on Amazon Prime & Vimeo

2 out of 5 Headless Critics

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