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Watching Movies - All Hallows' Eve

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 13:23, Jun 02 2018

Streaming Review of "All Hallows’ Eve" by The Headless Critic

All Hallows’ Eve – 2013

Production by: Ruthless Pictures
Distribution by: RLJ Entertainment

Its Halloween night, All Hallows’ Eve; some creep just slipped a VHS tape into Timmy’s bag while he was out trick-or-treating. While babysitting this Halloween so mommy and daddy can go out and play, Sarah (Katie Maguire) and her prepubescent candy gobblers Timmy (Cole Mathewson) and Tia (Sydney Freihofer) let curiosity get the better of them. A little horror movie for Halloween? The kids are falling to pieces to watch it. Curiosity killed the cat and Art the Clown (Mike Giannelli) killed curiosity! Poor curiosity and poor Timmy. As the night goes on, strange things begin occurring. Is it just post scary movie jitters or have the horrors gotten real? Send in the clown…

For those of you who have recently found the indie horror film Terrifier, All Hallows’ Eve holds the not so humble beginnings of the terrifying Terrifier Art the Clown. Writer and director Damien Leone brilliantly brings together his collection of short films into an anthology first feature with a heavily built wraparound. In a sea of indie-horror films that all too often get lost among lesser quality movies, I love finding horror flicks you want to tell people about. Even more exciting is when you find a film like Terrifier then find out it has beginnings. Not since I connected Lucky McKee’s The Woman to its Offspring origins have I been this excited to tell people about an offset duo of films.

All Hallows’ Eve is independent horror done right. Short films are usually made then forgotten without distribution. Damien Leone finds a creative way to include them in his first feature. Each is excellent and they’re pulled together well. The creepy cover of Terrifier first garnered my attention and once watched, Mike Giannelli’s Art the Clown stole the show adding his name to a growing list of terrifying clowns on film where he definitely holds his own. Art may get less screen time in his origins but I may have enjoyed the performance even more.

If you liked Terrifier, the connecting but completely different Lucky McKee movies or you just enjoy modern day horror anthologies like Trick ‘r Treat, and Tales of Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve is a budgeted version you should definitely seek out. With the recent success of the It remake, horror clown fans will also find that Art the Clown holds his own with the best slasher clowns out there.

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3 out of 5 Headless Critics

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