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Watching Movies - Your Flesh, Your Curse

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 06:54, Apr 26 2018

Review of “Your Flesh, Your Curse” by The Headless Critic

Your Flesh, Your Curse – 2017

Production by: Hellbound Productions

Where ignorance is removes, so-called “evil” ceases to exist.
–Livets Bog, vol. 1, sect. 19

Review Chapter 0:
Her name is Juliet White (Marie-Louise Damgaard Nielsen) and this is her curse, our curse.

Review Chapter 1: The Existence of Your Flesh, Your Curse
Danish director Kasper Juhl successfully brings his creation to life and death via a crowd funded Indiegogo campaign. The English language Your Flesh, Your Curse is an art house shot, brutally sexual, violence towards women display of a tragic life and equally tragic afterlife.

Chapter 2: A Guide
A father unforgivably abusive in every way, a daughter living her life trying to cope with his actions. A sinner begets a sinner. She was trying to forgive him, fuck him. In life, everything is fucked. Every creature in this world is meant to die alone. Life will go full circle. Does forgiveness await those who are a product of their own life? One day she met him. His name was Max (Frederik Carlsen). He killed her. A life wasted isn’t truly lived until rebirth after death. He brought her nothing but pure love. It’s time to live again.

Chapter 3: Forgiveness / The Good and The Bad
The Good: Brutal scenes of horror, violent displays against women and intense imagery of torture that’s reminiscent of the hook tearing terrors of the original Hellraiser. Souls are trapped in limbo and must relive hell on earth. Raped, killed, tortured, there’s a lot of good to find of the flesh and the torture porn horror crowds should be pleased.

The Bad: An incoherent story of mixed scenes shot for imagery are barely held together by an excuse of Judgment Day. The crowd this one pleases may also be thrown off by the paced art house filming style for such a movie.

The Final Chapter: Full Review
Troubled Juliet meets as brutal an end to life as she lived. The afterlife is no better. A masked figure awaits her in limbo forcing to relive a life of repressed memories forgotten for a reason. She lived a life cursed by the beauty of the flesh and those who lost their humanity for a taste of it.

While I can’t say that the art house, torture porn style of storytelling is one that appeals to my flesh, I know these films have their horror audience. It's also told in an acid trip 1970's style of filmmaking. Degrading scenes are put together into a film with a wide wraparound holding things together. I love the imagery and find a lot of the sexualized torture to be reminiscent of afterlife films of torture like Hellraiser.

Overall, storytelling needs to be a little tighter. I understand that too much polish on an indie film of this nature may lose what defines it. Without being chiseled Your Flesh, Your Curse is left on the verge of iconic horror greatness as an almost perfect carving of what mind-altering horror can be but instead just doesn’t quite look right.

Available May 7th, 2018 on Blu-ray

2 out of 5 Headless Critics

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