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Watching Movies - At Granny's House

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 06:10, Apr 04 2018

Review of “At Granny’s House” by The Headless Critic

At Granny’s House – 2015

Production by: Vagabond Entertainment
Distribution by: Vagabond Entertainment, Indie Rights

Frank Rogers (Bryant Watts) has his elderly mother Marion’s (Glenda Morgan Brown) best interest at heart. He hires a live in caregiver, Rebecca (Rachel Alig) so he can stop feeling guilty about not visiting more. Marion is naturally resistant to a stranger coming into her home, especially one her son hired based on sex appeal. Rebecca is determined for her and Marion to become the best of friends. As the two grow comfortable together and life grows boring, Rebecca suggests they allow borders into Marion’s large house from the website MyFreeBed.com. Resistant once again, Marion soon comes around to the excitement new people could bring to their lives. This isn’t a story of elder abuse; this is a story of murder. When the caretaker moves in, so begins sin.

In this Psycho-esq tale, Granny’s house becomes a Bates Motel with a revolving guest room of tenants looking for a free nights stay. They come in to lay down their head but always seem to end up dead. Actor, writer and director Les Mahoney almost has his first feature ruined by audio that just isn’t professional sounding. Luckily his offbeat story is interesting enough to save it. What at first appears to be another film about abusing the elderly, it's slowly turned into a demented case of murder. Long shots of nothing and misleading storylines could have trimmed a little off the runtime but I enjoy the impractical storytelling that keeps you guessing.

Fun performances, even if not the most professional, keep things entertaining. Mahoney himself has one of the best roles as the tenant who won’t leave Ted Steiner. The insertion of Steiner creates a story turning love triangle between himself, his wife Linda (Laura Lee) and Rebecca. Mahoney's performance is only outdone by veteran actor Bill Oberst Jr. as Boarstag, who not only has a hell of a name but also falls on his pen for the making of this film. While not the most professional production, At Granny’s House brings gritty entertainment, a nice little body count and fun lighthearted performances.

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2 out of 5 Headless Critics

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