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Watching Movies - Day of the Dead: Bloodline

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 09:59, Feb 26 2018

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Day of the Dead: Bloodline – 2018

Production by: Nu Film Studios Boyana, Campbell Grobman Films
Distribution by: Lionsgate, Millennium Films, Saban Films

As the undead known as “rauders” overrun the world, a small group of survivors form a militia in an underground military bunker. When a familiar face shambles in possibly holding a vaccine within its veins, the race is on the make a hormonal cure to prevent the turning of the living into the undead.

Bloodline repeats zombie Godfather George Romero’s under-groundbreaking original. It also breaks Romero’s zombie commandment by making a fast moving zombie sin. Fast zombies aren’t enough as frames are removed to make normal human movements look even quicker. Rest assured that this Day of the Dead is similar in title, bunker and bud alone as it’s no Romero classic.

Smart zombie Bud is replaced by the even smarter “rauder” Max (Jonathan Schaech). An ultimate case of stalking continues even in death as a zombie Max crawls through vents and kidnaps little girls to get to his lady love Zoe (Sophie Skelton). Love is replaced by zombie rape, leaving the cure for being undead in the rotting erection of a horny zombie.

The hopes for tomorrow rest in a cast of beautiful faces. Characters are as cliché as the looks of the cast but their performances are fine. The film looks great but being shot in Bulgaria something never seems right. The CGI isn’t great but isn’t terrible, mostly consisting of quick blood splatter. The story lacks any depth but this isn’t abnormal for zombie films. This Day of the Dead doesn’t offer anything new, repeating a bunch of zombie kills with plenty of blood. It just isn’t my kind of zombie movie; it is just another zombie movie.

2 out of 5 Headless Critics

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