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Bigfoot, Leatherface & A Possessed Cat!

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 11:39, Feb 14 2018

R.A. Mihailoff of "Leatherface The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III" and the upcoming "Death House", Patrick MaGee director of "Primal Rage" (22:16) and Nicholas Tana creator of "Hell's Kitty"
(1:23:54) joined Nasty Neal!

R.A. Mihailoff returned to WYH:
- the upcoming "Death House"
- Kane Hodder
- donning the Leatherface suit again at the upcoming the upcoming MadMonster.com convention next week in Charlotte!

Patrick MaGee writer, director and star of "Primal Rage" then joined us (at 22:16)
- 10 year process
- unique look at Bigfoot
- Predator qualities
- Harry and The Hendersons
- the camouflage
- practical effects
- brutal kills and more!

Get your tickets here www.fathomevents.com/events/primal-rage

Nicholas Tana closed the show (at 1:23:54)
- Hell's Kitty from web series to feature
- Chainsaw Kitty music video
- Michael Berryman
- Nina Hartley
- Michael Berryman
- Courtney Gains and John Franklin
- Bill Oberst and Doug Jones as priests
- his cat Angel that this is based on and more!

Come and see the "Hell's Kitty" premier at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatre February 22nd Get your info here!

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