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Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 05:42, Jan 22 2018

Review of “Still/Born” by The Headless Critic

Still/Born – 2018

Production by: Digital Interference Productions, Hadron Films
Distributed by: Vertical Entertainment

Jack (Jesse Ross) and Mary (Christie Burke) are a young couple expecting twin sons. The couple just bought a new house to go with Jack’s new promotion. They’re ready to start the next chapter of their lives together. When one of their twin babies Thomas is stillborn, Mary slips into postpartum depression. With Jack staying busy at his new job, taking care of their surviving twin Adam is left to the stay at home, first time mother. Mary begins hearing and seeing things that don’t seem to be real. The struggling mother begins to question if her stillborn child is haunting the child that was still born or if having two cribs in the baby’s room with only one baby to fill them is causing her to lose her sanity. The answer may be far more haunting.

Still/Born takes the familiar Rosemary’s Baby concept, putting a modern postpartum depression spin on it with biblical hauntings. First time feature film director and co-writer Brandon Christensen enlists the writing help of Vicious Brother Colin Minihan. Minihan is fifty percent responsible for one of the best things zombie to come out of 2017 with his reinvigorating indie flick ‘It Stains the Sands Red’.

With Still/Born Christianson simultaneously explores the horrors a mother goes through losing a child at birth while protecting her other baby from an entity haunting it. Some continuity of script is lost in story arcs by the first time feature filmmaker. An enthralling indie opening progresses into more modern day horror scares with a powerful score accompanying every fright. Christie Burke’s performance makes this film. She plays crazy well on all levels in a slow descent into madness. Christianson may make some Freshman slip ups in his first feature effort but produces a quality film that will be fun for any horror fan. He’s definitely one I’ll be looking for in his Sophomore film.

3 out of 5 Headless Critics

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