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Watching Movies - The Crossbreed

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 07:46, Jan 18 2018

Review of “The Crossbreed” by The Headless Critic

The Crossbreed – 2018

Production by: Film Code LA Production, DFGS Production, BD America
Distributed by: Breaking Glass Pictures

“Wildcats shall meet with hyenas, goat-demons shall call to each other; there too Lilith shall repose, and find a place to rest. There shall the owl nest and lay and hatch the brood in its shadow.” - Isaiah 34:14f

Amy (Angela Durazo) just found out she’s pregnant with twins. Without telling her boyfriend and fellow journalist John (Nathan Schellerup), Amy decides they aren’t ready to have children. Her decision to have an abortion conflicts with her Christian beliefs and her decision not to tell her boyfriend she’s pregnant begins to cause turmoil in the relationship. In order to keep it quiet, Amy enlists her best friend Rose (Katy Benz) to accompany her in a back alley abortion in a basement by a vet.

With everything seemingly behind her the journalist couple are sent on assignment to a small town in the middle of nowhere to investigate a story linked to the bible about Adam and his first wife Lilith. The biblical story involving twin births stirs up conflicting emotions in Amy. Either everything isn’t as it appears in this tiny town or Amy’s decision to abort her pregnancy has caused her to slip from sanity. “If the crossbreed wants you, neither the god nor the devil will be able to protect you!”

The Crossbreed is an enthralling concept of biblical proportions. Playing on the story of Lilith alone is intriguing. A controversial act like abortion layers in an even more complicated tale. One of the toughest decisions a human being can make takes well layered subject matter to an even deeper level. A lot is lost to low production values. The cast isn’t the most refined, cinematography is often misplaced and sound quality isn’t up to the standard movie par. There are also several aspects of the deep subject matter that aren’t explored fully enough.

Director and co-writer Biray Dalkiran gives us several scary scenes to please any horror fan including, waking up mid-abortion, a frying pan fetus and a creepy baby crawling scene that ends in flames. Some of that is tainted for me by budgeted CGI but the horror concept is absolutely there. Those more forgiving of abortion effects, I mean budgeted CGI will enjoy those terrifying scenes even more.

I can't end this review without commenting on the exceptional horror cover of a baby stroller in front of an upside down cross. It's a throwback 80's cover, done simple with modern day detail accentuating a creepy cover that did its job in making me want to watch the film.

1 out of 5 Headless Critics

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