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Horror Music #33

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 02:49, Dec 10 2017

Without Your Head presents Horror Music Saturday Night with Johnny Rose!

Horror Music Night 33 Download

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Johnny Rose returns for Horror Music Saturday Night!

Tracks for this episode:
Vampire Kiss by Stellar Corpses
Cirque De Nuit by Silpha and The Corpseboners
The Damned by Deadite
The Fool by Sjoblom
Enter the Grave by Stolen Skull
Orgy of the Vampires by Terrortron
After Dark by The Bastards
Outbreak by Suicide Ghouls
White Wine Spritzer by Okilly Dokilly
Killing You by Slasher Film
Cellmates of Lunacy by The Basementones
The Revenge of Princess Dragon Mom by Spectex
The Blood on my Guitar by The Cryptkeepers
The Devil Rides Out by The Dukes of Bordello
Lords of the Underworld by Walpurgis
Come & Get it by Year of October
No Other by The Ink Bats
Corre by Wolfskin Killers
We Are Zombiehater by Zombiehater
Music of the Month The Mutant Reavers
Cyanide et Arsenic by Wanton
Carl the Metrosexual Werewolf by Lupen Tooth
Werewolves by Corpse Show Creeps
Nightstalker by Fuzzripper
Miss Frankenstein by Venus De Vilo
I'll Be Your Monster by GWAR
Green to Red by Ron Hexe and The Ghoul Squad
A House (by the Cemetery) by Saline
Demon Knight by Savage Remains
Would You Love a Monsterman by Lordi
Devil Dust by Electric Frankenstein
Wolves and Men by Ghost Road
Morgana Effect by Theatres Des Vampires
Jackknife by Nim Vind
Crazy Girl by Emily and the Blackouts
Plan 9 by Epitaph Romance
What We've Become by The Theatre Zombies
Refigerate After Opening by Ghoularotti
I Wish They All Could Be Horror Punks by Gnomefoam
Scream by Michael Graves

Johnny Rose of Undead Artists Record Label:

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