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Scream Queens Mix Tape!

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 05:16, Dec 09 2017

Without Your Head presents Scream Queens Mix Tape featuring independent horror artists with female vocals! 15 artists, 15 tracks and a whole lotta screams!

Scream Queen Mix Tape Download

Without Your Head presents Scream Queens Mix Tape

1. Thing For Murder - Raizing Hell
2. Devil in Disguise - Scarlet Harlot & Her Handsome Devils
3. Drawing Down - Offworld
4. Silent Moonlight - Headstone Horrors
5. I'll Die If I Want To - Venus De Vilo
6. Mr Skeleton - Jess O Lantern
7. Wasp Woman - Antiworld
8. They Eat Human - LuMyia Dark
9. Raw - Victoria De Mare
10. Stolen - Silpha and the Corpseboners
11. Time to Go - InAeona
12. Hellbound Hearts - Dead by Dawn
13. Tonight We Dine In Hell - The Bloodstrings
14. Don't Go Into The Light - Zombina and the Skeletones
15. Ballad of Ripley - The Tomb of Nick Cage

Art by Lou Rusconi

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