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Adrienne Barbeau and Debbie Rochon!

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 22:29, Dec 08 2017

Scream Queens Adrienne Barbeau and Debbie Rochon!

Adrienne Barbeau and Debbie Rochon Download

Adrienne Barbeau opened the show!
- @fter Midnight award at Coolidge Corner Theater
- Creepshow with George Romero
- turning down The Devil's Rejects
- Swamp Thing
- legacy of The Fog
- Tales of Halloween
- the upcoming Death House and more!

Then Debbie Rochon joined us!
- working for Troma
- her friendship with Lloyd Kaufman
- directing Model Hunger
- working with Gregory Lamberson on Killer Rack and SLime City Massacre
- political correctness
- recent sexual assulat claims within the industry and her own experiences
- memories of Gunnar Hanson
- the upcoming Death House and more!

Then we closed the show with:
- The Disaster Atist
- Gremlins Recall short
- Madame in Black short film
- Mindhunter season 2 coming
- Twilight Zone reboot coming
- Psychopaths review
- new Krampus sex toys and more!

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Tracks for this podcast -
"Without Your Head" by Strange Nocturnal
"Terror in Tentacle Bay", "Mother of the Morlocks" and "Hellbound Hurricane" by Mutant Reavers!

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