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Bring In The Clowns Mix Tape!

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 23:34, Nov 19 2017

A dozen artists, a dozen tracks and a whole lotta killer clowns!

Bring In The Clowns Mix Tape Download

Without Your Head Horror Radio presents Bring on The Clowns Mix Tape!

1. Cotton Candy Embrace by The Tomb of Nick Cage
2. Clown by Mike Emilio
3. Painted White and Maladjusted by Bad Whoremoans
4. Coulrophobia by The Retarded Rats
5. Carnival of Creepy Clowns by Candy Corn For Breakfast
6. Gavin Rossdale's Daughter's Bush by Cheekbone
7. Live Toy Circus by Darling Pet Munkee
8. Toy Piano Sonata No. 2 by Reeky
9. Cinema Clown Theme Song by The Mutant Members Only Club
10. Circus of Nightmares by New Orleans Steamcog Orchestra
11. FeAr of clOWns by Sam Haynes
12. They All Float Down Here by Murderock

Art by Ryan Case
Twitter/Instagram: iamryancase

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