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Horror Music #31

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 06:07, Oct 23 2017

Without Your Head presents Horror Music Saturday Night with Johnny Rose!

Horror Music Night 31 Download

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Johnny Rose returns for Horror Music Saturday Night!

Tracks for this episode:
The Funeral March by Banane Metalik
Zombieland by Cavaverman
Damnation by Deadite
Wasted Horror Punkrock Princess by Dr. Hell
Crazy Girl by Emily and the Blackouts
Dead or Alive (For Now) by Fable Cry
Lake of Fire by GosT
Can't Run Away by Exist Mask
Go Madafukers Go
Still Following by JasonXVoorhees
Mr. Skeleton by Jess-O-Lantern
Crucifiction by Johnny B. Morbid
Horropunk Holiday by Michi the Black Harlekin
Barbara Steele by Microwave Radiation Victims
Don't Say the Z Word by Lupen Tooth
Jacknife 2017 Mix by Nim Vind
The Cold Eyes of Fear by Profondo Delle Tenebre
Dead Girls by Redneck Nosferatu
Coal Country by The Bastards
Music of the Month Murderock
Gallows Hill by Die Ghost
Warlock by Project Slime
Aline in the Dark by Rampires
Orgy of the Vampires by Terrortron
Sticks and Stones by The Creepshow
The Blood on my Guitar by The Cryptkeepers
Fresh Flesh b y The DiggerZ

Bring on the Darkness by The Electric Dead
Perverts on the Loose by Graveyard Bashers
No Other by The Ink Bats
Friday the 13th by The Misfits
History of the Hatchet by Mutant Reavers
Noise Complaint in Silent Hill by The Moans
Whatever Happened by Won't Stay Dead
and Hola Ghost!

Johnny Rose of Undead Artists Record Label:

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