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Carel Struycken of Twin Peaks and Miles Doleac of Demons

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 06:09, Sep 23 2017

Carel Struycken of "Twin Peaks" & "The Addams Family" and Miles Doleac writer, director and star of "Demons" joined us!

Carel Struycken and Miles Doleac Download

Nasty Neal opened the show with Carel Struycken:
- Twin Peaks the Return
- getting the role originally
- what does Twin Peaks mean to viewers
- David Lynch
- Michael Anderson on set
- backwards speaking
- being Lurch
- The Addams Family
- Star Trek Next Generation
- Gerald's Game and more!

Then Miles Doleac joined Nasty Neal:
- writing Demons
- John Schneider
- Andrew Divoff
- old religion vs new religion
- the South
- the horror genre and more!

Terrible Troy then joined Nasty Neal to go over the horror of the week:
- review of MOTHER!
- Amityville: The Awakening coming to Google Play
- IT success and some backlash within the horror community
- Jamie Lee Curtis coming back to Halloween
- Gerald's Game and Cult of Chucky coming to Netflix
- The Strain series finale
- American Horror Story: Cult and more!

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