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Watching Movies - Lovely Molly

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 09:19, Sep 14 2017

Review by Jason Minton

Lovely Molly – 2011

Recovering addict Molly has cleaned up her life and recently married her loving husband Tim. The couple move into Molly’s deceased parent’s house in the country. Memories of her past begin to haunt Molly soon after moving back home. Memories get real when Molly starts seeing and hearing things she can’t explain. A growing concern from family and friends is all but written off when it’s revealed Molly has slipped back into her old ways of drug use. Is there more going on than an addict who’s slipped from the wagon or is Molly simply losing her grip on reality?

Opening with a bit of first person filming, my first thought was great, another found footage film. It ends up being more of a homage to writer/director Eduardo Sánchez’s surprise hit The Blair Witch Project. So don’t let the somewhat limited use of first person filming detour you. Lovely Molly is the kind of movie that I don’t want to say too much about other than to tell you to watch it. First time feature actress Gretchen Lodge does an absolutely amazing job as Molly. Her descent into madness alone makes this film worth watching. She’s matched by her on screen husband Johnny Lewis as Tim who holds his own against her performance.

I’m tempted to use the word original to describe Lovely Molly. This haunted, demonic, ghost or possibly just crazy story isn’t really original, it’s just done well. It’s a dirty, gritty haunting that focuses on the few main characters it has. It tells a good, realistic version of a haunting story. Molly’s sanity is put into questioning right up until the end. It’s all executed well and that ending is just brutal.

4 out of 5 Headless Critics

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