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Victoria De Mare and Florence Hartigan

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 03:36, Sep 01 2017

Scream queen Victoria De Mare returns along with Florence Hartigan of Ridley Scott's Phoenix Forgotten!

Victoria De Mare and Florence Hartigan Download

Victoria De Mare opened the show with Nasty Neal:
- her character Batty Boop
- working with Full Moon Pictures
- body paint
- covered in slime for Bio Slime
- Women's Prison franchise
- Killjoy franchise
- her new action figure available soon and more!

Florence Hartigan then joined Nasty Neal:
- her role in Forgotten Phoenix
- Ridley Scott
- found footage
- UFOs
- Forgotten Silver
- horror movies
- AI
- her upcoming adult animated horror flick Malevolent and more!

Nasty Neal then finished out the show:
- all female Lord of the Flies
- IT coming out next week
- advanced screening of Jeepers Creepers 3 cancelled
- Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories coming to Shudder
- Castle Rock coming to Hulu and more!

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