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Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 00:43, Jul 16 2017

Review of "WTF!" by Jason Minton

WTF! – 2017

Production by: Cthulhu Crush Productions
Distribution by: Maxim Media International,

Rachel (Callie Ott) was the only survivor of a brutal slaying in the woods where all of her friends died. Now only a few years later, Rachel has let her new friends convince her to go back into the secluded woods for Spring Break. This time her brother agrees to escort her to the woods in case she has a Spring Breakdown. Who would have thought history would repeat itself? Another bloodbath ensues and “only one will be left alive to post on facebook” about it. The Spring Break of their lives turns into the Spring Break of their deaths. This film will leave you wondering What The Fuck!

WTF! opens with a bloody, naked girl running from a building, getting stopped by a knife to the back. An immediate tone of moral peril is set. The movie doesn’t get any better than this excellent opening. From there it sinks into stereotypical slasher with oversexed teen stoners and comically bad dialogue. It often feels like a teenage comedy more than a horror movie, almost being a spoof of both. It does have a twist ending similar to Friday the 13th or Sleepaway Camp. Unfortunately after an hour and a half of beyond dimwitted teen dialogue, you prefer all the characters die. I will give them this, they found some actresses with lungs on them. Callie Ott and Paris Hilton look-alike Andrea Hunt could easily be future scream queens if they stick in the genre. I did say Paris, not Perez Hilton, the once famed blogger who makes a cameo in the film. Otherwise I think if this film finds an audience it’ll be fans who like dimwitted, frat boy humor, too silly for mainstream.

2 out of 5 Headless Critics

Without Your Head interview with WTF! producer Jody Wheeler

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