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Watching Movies - Bad Frank

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 07:24, Jun 06 2017

Review of "Bad Frank" by The Headless Critic

Bad Frank – 2017

Production by: Vincenzo Pictures

Frank (Kevin Interdonato) is a recovering alcoholic, with a questionable past and criminal ties. Now he’s a family man, who’s settled into suburban sobriety. Trying to keep his life on track, his wife happy and earn back the respect of his estranged father is enough to test anyone’s sobriety. When Frank’s past returns to haunt him, the Bad Frank he once was returns to face it.

Bad Frank opens with a bang then settles into a slow pace of realism. It sets a nice realistic life of a man struggling with sobriety and a life he’s trying to restore. It looks like the film might slip into typical mafia movie or be the mafia version of Taken. Turning into a faster paced action or even horror flick. It didn’t fall into a story we’ve all seen a thousand times. The unsure direction the film takes, gives in an ominous feel that plays into the drama of the film. It stayed true to reality and it’s methodical pace right up till the end and is a better film for it.

The film has all around excellent casting. A former Soprano’s bit actor, Interdonato gets the spotlight and shines as a man struggling with his demons. Boxer turned actor, Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini plays an excellent look-a-like father to Interdonato’s Frank. Amanda Clayton makes the perfect, not so perfect wife Gina. It was a thrill to see Brian O’Halloran of Clerks fame play a shady character, outside of his role as Dante or under the Kevin Smith banner. He really came across as a sleazy guy. Tom Sizemore did what he does well, playing a criminal. An actor I’d never seen before Brandon Heitkamp made a good, bad friend.

While not a straight up horror movie, this dramatic thriller does have realistic horror elements. Overall it’s a very solid film that hopefully doesn’t get overlooked by the film community and fans. It has good cinematography and a fitting score. It’s a simple story that’s told well. Which is generally my favorite kind of film and the way low budget movies should be done. Several impressive performances really stand out. Director Tony Germinario did an excellent job in his first full length feature film.

3 out of 5 Headless Critics

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