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Watching Movies - Story of Sin

Posted in Watching Movies by HeadlessCritic at 10:08, May 27 2017

Blu-ray Review by The Headless Critic

Story of Sin – 1975

A Polish film based on the novel by Stefan Zeromski. It’s a cautionary tale to women of oversexualized sin. In it a young woman Ewa (Grazyna Dlugolecka) falls madly in love with a married man. Much like warnings of gateway drugs, the giving in to carnal desire leads down a lesson learning spiral of immoral actions.

An oversexualized tale of a seemingly sexually repressed filmmaker or possibly the society of the time. This slow paced film with a luring tale of romance gone wrong gets distracted at times by it’s own sensuality. While the film bordered being a skin flick done in arthouse form, it’s saved by a genuinely good underlying story and performance by lead actress Grazyna Dlugolecka. She plays innocent girl and sexual woman counterparts in an impressive performance. The film also tackles gender roles and infidelity in a coming of age story. I’m no fan of the way this and many other 1960’s & 70’s films are shot at the end of the film noir era. It’s still a decent movie.

2 out of 5 Headless Critics

Special Features:
The Blu-ray is excellently restored to look beautifully and sound great. Audio commentaries, interviews and a featurette titled 'Stories of Sin' are only topped by the addition of short films from director Walerian Borowczyk. This Blu-ray explores both the film itself and it’s director. You will absolutely get your value for the cost of Sin.

5 of 5 Horror Filled Features

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