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Zack Ward and Sebastien Godin

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 06:44, May 19 2017

Zack Ward of "A Christmas Story", "Freddy vs Jason" and more joined us talking about his new film "Bethany"! Independent film maker Sebastien Godin also joined us talking about his upcoming first feature film "Lycanimator"!

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Zack Ward opened the show going over:
- his new film "Bethany"
- working with Tom Green
- his current creative partner James Cullen Bressack
- Scut Farkus
- "A Christmas Story"
- "Freddy vs Jason"
- tons more!
- See Zack in person at the upcoming Lubbock-Con!

We were then joined by Sebastien Godin talking about his upcoming first feature "Lycanimator"
- monster movies
- werewolves
- Lloyd Kaufman
- micro budget film making
- his short films
- tentacles and more!

The WYH Crew then went over:
- Twin Peaks season 3
- Star Trek Discovery
- Broadway musical of King Kong
- Simon Pegg and Nick Frost back together
- War For the Planet of the Apes
- memorable moms in horror
- New Amityville Horror

Music of the month Aaron Stoquert supplied the tunes!
Tracks for this podcast -
"Without Your Head" by Strange Nocturnal
"Last Day", "Flesh and Bone" and "I'll See you Again" by Aaron Stoquert

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