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Watching Movies - Another Evil

Posted in Watching Movies by Neal at 11:26, May 02 2017

Review of "Another Evil" by The Headless Critic

Another Evil – 2017
Production by: Memory
Distributed by: Dark Sky Films

When a family goes on a getaway, they soon discover their vacation home is already occupied by beings no longer of this realm. In order to save their home from the ghosts who haunt it, the father Dan (Steve Zissis) calls in ghost hunter Joey Lee (Dan Bakkedahl), who seems more interested in taking his money than cleansing his home. His second attempt to rid the house of evil spirits turns up Os (Mark Proksch). Os seems less of an unprofessional than Joey Lee. The man of the house embarks on a ghost cleansing adventure with “a straight up ghost assassin”. Ghost hunter and homeowner, even develop an odd friendship along the way.

From the start of the movie it’s offbeat vibe leaves the viewer unsettled. The film reveals itself as a dark comedy via the character Joey Lee. The film’s comedy settles somewhere between Danny McBride and Will Ferrell. It’s not East Bound and Down good, nor is it Ron Burgundy bad. Poksch’s slow unraveling of sanity as the wonderful character Os is definitely the highlight of the film. There were fine performances all around. Both ghost hunters stood out in their comical rolls. Married couple Dan and Mary (Jennifer Irwin) both played straight laced home owners well. Steve Little of East Bound and Down even had a nice little cameo. It was nice to see him outside of the Stevie roll. His dialogue with Dan’s character did send me straight back to his wonderfully executed back and forth Stevie used to have with Kenny Powers.

Horror comedy it a tough genre to successfully mix together. I can’t say this film succeeded for me overall but it did provide some excellent characters and a few laughs. The offbeat tone won’t be for all audiences. The cinematography left something to be desired. The films material was actually a little better than it look. Perhaps the dark scenes and offhand shots were meant to keep up with it’s overall offbeat nature. I do believe the audience for a movie like Anchorman are more likely to be the ones who like this film.

2 out of 5 Headless Critics

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