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Good Tidings

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 21:51, Dec 09 2016

Christmas exploitation flick Good Tidings! Talking to the good folks behind the new film!

Stu Jopia: writer, producer & santa - Giovanni Gentile: Producer, Writer & Santa - Stuart W. Bedford: Director, Producer & Editor.

Good Tidings Download

Then the crew went over:
- "The Driller Killer" coming out from Arrow
- "Phantasm" ornament
- "Cute Little Buggers"
- remake of "Little Shop of Horrors" coming
- "God Particle" the 3rd film in the "Cloverfield" universe
- "Zombies vs Robots" coming to film
- Limited edition "Hellraiser" trilogy boxed set form Arrow
- tons more!

Music of the month The Mutant Members Only Club supplied the tunes!
Tracks for this podcast -
"Without Your Head" by Strange Nocturnal
"All My Favorite Serial Killers Are Gay" and "Disney Death Camp" by The Mutant Member's Only Club.

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