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Ramon Fernadez and Sofia Black D'Elia

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 19:30, Aug 05 2016

Ramon Fernandez the director of the new documentary "Glory Daze: The Life and Times of Michael Alig" about the infamous "Party Monster"!

Sofia Black-D'Elia of the outbreak horror film "VIRAL" and the upcoming "Ben-Hur" remake also joined us!

Ramon Fernadez and Sofia Black D'Elia Download

The Crew also went over:
- "American Horror Story" teasers
- "Sharknado 4" Texas Chainsaw Massacre tie in
- Lovecraft beer and show in the works
- "Batman vs Superman" ultimate edition
- "Suicide Squad"
- "Wonder Woman" trailer
- Spit or Swallow: "Pearl: Cucumber" and "Smirnoff Sour Watermelon Vodka"
- NEW Fan Fiction and more!!!

Artist of the month Here Come The Mummies supplied the tunes!
Tracks for this podcast -
"Without Your Head" by Strange Nocturnal
"Freak Flag", "Bump", "Carnal Carnival" and "Dirty Minds" by "Here Come the Mummies"

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