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Countdown to the Dark History and Horror Convention

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 00:46, Jun 25 2016

Author and reverend of The Church of Satan Corvis Nocturnum and writer, comic creator and filmmaker David Hayes counting down the Dark History and Horror Convention coming up October 21-23 in Champaign, Il!


Corvis Nocturnum and David Hayes Download

Corvis Nocturnum opened the show going over:
- History of vampires
- zombies
- haunted America
- "The VVitch"
- Satanism and much more!

David Hayes then joined us for over 2 hours of silly good times including:
- Werewolves
- fear
- Ed Wood
- wrestling
- comic books
- tons more including suspended Wolfman semen?!?

Then the crew closed the show with:
- Bloodfeast remake
- The Shallows
- Fan Fiction
- The Rock as Wolfman? and more!

Artist of the month The Ghoulshow supplied the tunes!
Tracks for this podcast -
"Without Your Head" by Strange Nocturnal
"Evil Incantations", "The Daughter of a Werewolf" and "All Hallow's Eve" by Ghoulshow

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