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Without Your Head poem

Posted in WYH News by Neal at 04:09, Jun 09 2016

by Kira Burton

I stared into the mirror
I glanced from me to me
A realization hit me like a machete

Kiss me now
Because I am better off dead
Kiss my cold lips
I’m losing my head

Hold my hat
As I start this decapitation
I would appreciate your participation
In the construction of this
Say goodbye to me

Without your head
More alive than dead
Once you amputate
That problematic tumor
Filled with doubt and dread

Place my hat upon my stump
So I can still look hip
The maddest hatter
Is still stylish
When decapitated

Without your head
But the lunacy still resides
It’s the cancer
And the best part inside

I’ll speak with no lips
Come to me deathly darling
Just one more kiss

Without your head
You won’t hold back
Let the world burn
Let the fiddle play
Let us dance

Let it be a masquerade ball
It doesn’t matter after all
Because my darling
Come with me
It’s your turn at the Guillotine

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