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James Burton Comic Book Illustrator

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 04:57, Mar 26 2016

James Burton comic illustrator and creator of Inheritance, Damage Inc. and more!

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James Burton's conversation covered:
- Inheritance Comic
- his father and what he means to his career
- overcoming cancer
- Damage, Inc.
- D&D
- RPGs
- Comic books
- Knights of the Dinner Table
- tons more!

Then the whole crew went over:
- 31 release date
- Rob Zombie's new video
- WYH Fan Fiction
- Garry Shandling passing away
- Killer Klowns coming to TV
- Predator reboot
- Karloff Awards
- Monsters Made Me Gay books
- Much more!

Artist of the month The Army of Walking Corpses supplied the tunes!
Tracks for this podcast -
"Without Your Head" by Strange Nocturnal
"Deadman Stalking", "What's The Matter" and "Monsters" by Army of Walking Corpses!

Come see The Army and many other bands at The Traveling Morgue Horror Fest this April in Nottingham, UK!

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