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Dan Kamin Creepshow 2

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 10:40, Oct 09 2015

Dan Kamin "Old Chief Wood'NHead" of "Creepshow 2" talked about the film, make up, Charlie Chaplin, working with Johnny Depp on "Benny and Joon", Roberty Downey Jr. on "Chaplin", "Mars Attacks", magic, mimes and so much more including our countdown to The Four State Slasher Con Creepshow 2 reunion.


Dan Kamin Download

Nasty Neal and Annabelle also talked:
- The upcoming Rock N Shock
- American Horror Story Hotel
- 8 Films To Die For
- Deep dark
- Bone Tomahawk
- Clive Barker
- Human Centipede boxed set
- Final Girls
- Tons more!

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