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Gaylen Ross of Dawn of the Dead

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 13:51, Jul 31 2015

Gaylen Ross of the George Romero classics "Dawn of the Dead" and "Creepshow" and current documentary film maker! Help support her newest project "Title Shot" kickstarter.com/projects/391667550/titleshot

Gaylen Ross Download

Then the WYH Crew took over going over:
- "Spit or Swallow" Three Olives Loopy vodka
- Red Dragon on Hannibal
- 8 Films to Die For returning
- Tremors 5 Bloodlines
- Binge watching via Netflix
- Save the Dawn of the Dead Bridge
- 12 Monkeys
- Zombie movies
- Christmas Horror

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The Earth Died Screaming by The B Movie Monsters

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