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Rod Usher & Nightlight

Posted in Past Shows by Neal at 10:06, Mar 27 2015

The front man of "The Other" Rod Usher and Scott Beck and Bryan Woods of "Nightlight"!

Rod Usher, Scott Beck & Bryan Woods Download

The front man of our artist of the month TheOther - Rod Usher! Talking about his German Horror Punk Band, their planned 2016 US tour, horror films and more!

Writers/directors Scott Beck & Bryan Woods of Nightlight which comes out this Friday on VOD and theatrically!

Then the WYH crew went over:
- Simon Pegg writing Star Trek 3
- Red State animated alternative ending
- Call Girl of Cthulhu
- HP Lovecraft Honey Ale by Narragansett
- The Frankenstein Chronicles
- I Spit on Your Grave 3
- Hannibal season 3
- Wes Craven producing Steve Niles project
- Preacher coming to TV
- Much more!

Artist of the month The Other!
Tracks for this podcast -
Puppet on a String
Lover's Lane
Menage a Mort
The Last Man on Earth
Hier kommt die Dunkelheit

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